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The city of Guayaquil was founded on July 25, 1535 by Spanish conquistador Francisco de Orellana, in memory of the indigenous people. Its name comes from Cacique Guayas and his wife Quil, Guayas and Quil, which means: Our Big House.

The city eventually settles on the shore of the Guayas River, the largest water inlet of the Pacific Ocean in South America. Guayaquil is the biggest and most populated city in Ecuador and has 2,723,665 inhabitants (2020).

Our model consists of the most attractive part of the city which is located on the banks of the Guayas River and is known as "El Malecon" ("The Promenade"), where you can find the tallest buildings and very interesting attractions.

The city is also known as Santiago de Guayaquil because in 1547 it was a commercial port at the service of the Spanish Crown and the country's main economic center.

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