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Cuenca, known as "Athens of Ecuador", is the capital of the province of Azuay and was founded by Spaniard Gil Ramirez Davalos on April 12, 1557. It lies in the south of the country, surrounded by four rivers, and is ranked as the third-largest city in Ecuador. The city of Cuenca has several universities, which is why it was named the "City of Universities" by the National Assembly of Ecuador.


Cuenca is considered the most cultural Ecuadorian city; its beautiful colonial constructions, old churches, and monasteries dominate its landscape, especially the new Neo-Gothic style Cathedral finished in 1975.  This building is regarded as a symbol of Christian Faith, with its towers and imposing blue and white domes that stand out in the colonial landscape. 


The city of Cuenca was named "Cultural World Heritage" by UNESCO in 1999 ... being a source of pride for Ecuadorians.


Here in this scale model, we reproduced the area of the Barranco del Rio Tomebamba (Tomebamba River Ravine) of the city, a magnificent emblematic sector.

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